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The Top 5 Classroom Management Tools Recommended by Online Educators

Ian Hartley


May 20, 2022

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In online learning, it’s more important than ever to evaluate and use the correct tools for remote and online learning. We've compiled a list of five of the greatest tools to assist both educators and students to get the most out of online learning. Online education is no easy task, but it can become a strong modality of learning if this is accomplished: if students and teachers can communicate effectively, if students can access the information they need at any time, and if testing and feedback becomes an easy process for teachers and students. We hope you give these tools a try so that your classroom objectives are met.

1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a suite of online tools that allows teachers to set assignments, have work submitted by students, mark, and return graded papers. It, effectively, was created to get rid of paper in classes and to make digital learning possible. This application allows teachers to monitor student work and encourages communication since students could see their feedback and ask questions. Not to mention, that this tool is user-friendly and easy to use.

2. Edmodo

Edmodo is a tool “designed by teachers for teachers”, and operates as a communication portal for students, teachers, and parents. Think of it like Facebook for education! Edmodo creates a space where students, educators, and even parents can communicate confidently without the pressure of a group setting or the inconvenience of scheduling face-to-face conversations. If students have questions about assignments, quizzes, and grades–they can go to Edmodo for help where anyone with the information can help. This is a great option to have open for students to collaborate and have the entire classroom in the know.

3. Wise Proctor

Wise Proctor is a software solution that makes online testing simple, easy to use, and most importantly, protects students’ privacy through AI monitoring. The pandemic forced educators to revisit their ways of measuring success and the way they test students. Wise Proctor adjusts to the demands of every examination to ensure the integrity of the student while also protecting student privacy since it does not require the student to give their personal information like live proctoring systems. Not to mention, it is extremely easy to use and makes life easier for the student and teacher. Wise Proctor deletes the stress of planning for remote examinations so you can ensure your learning objectives are met!

4. Miro

If you love mapping out ideas on the whiteboard, you will love Miro, the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables teams to work effectively together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows. Students can participate in class and see their classmates also participate in the workspace in real-time. This is a valuable tool for educators because, at the end of the lesson, you could measure if you met the learning objectives by analyzing the student comments.

5. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a website and app that allows teachers to facilitate video discussions. Students are organized into groups and then given access to discussion topics. Think of this software as the “academic TikTok.” Students and teachers post video discussions that the entire classroom can access. People in the classroom could also comment on the videos which is an excellent way to promote discussion.

We hope this list was helpful and that you can step into the rest of the semester with confidence that your classroom will be a great environment for learning. Want to stay in the loop of the latest news in education technology? Subscribe to our newsletter!

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